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On November 19, 1985 Wilson’s was born. 


Brother and sister, Randy and Sandi Wilson (now Borowski) opened Wilson’s Bar and Grill (although the grill did not happen until 1987). 


In 1988, Wilson’s teamed up with Bullseye Mary, the premier vendor in the Midwest (maybe the U.S.) to become the dominant sports bar in the area.  We sponsored numerous State and National Champs throughout the years. 

Wilson’s has sponsored over a 1000 of pool, darts, softball, bowling, kickball, rugby and everything else – teams.


As the years went on and bars changed, Wilson’s turned into even more of a neighborhood sports bar, with much more food offerings and more of a family bar.  Every day Wilson’s has food specials made by Sandi; soups, chili and an extensive food menu. 


All the family, kids, grandkids, parents, relatives have lent a hand at one time or another to make Wilson’s what it is and will be for a long time.


Born and raised blocks from the bar, Sandi and Randy will continue to be lower-Eastside business owners for many years to come.  November 19, 2022 will be the first day of our “38” year.  We hope the next 38 (or more) years will be as successful as the first.